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The decision making process to identify an automotive safety defect is critical not only to safety but in order to avoid other serious business risks. Borris Automotive & Safety Consulting is uniquely positioned to assist vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, and other automotive industry stakeholders to ensure compliance with NHTSA regulations.



Borris Automotive & Safety Consulting is your address for ensuring continuous improvement in your safety policy and procedures. The automotive industry is ever changing. The fast approach of autonomous vehicles will bring new challenges to safety for which we must all prepare. Even before then, the current challenges of safety defect identification, compliance, safety culture and ethics combine to create significant risks for industry and government alike. The challenge is global in scale. Let us be your guiding rod.

Making Notes

Process Auditing and Re-Engineering

Since May 2015, the NHTSA has collected nearly $425M in penalties from vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and even dealers. The scrutiny is likely to increase. No other company has the experience to protect its clients from this risk.

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